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Teacher Training


In February 2017 we inaugurated the Los Angeles branch of Real Pilates Teacher Training at Westwood Pilates. This teacher training program prepares teachers to teach a classically based curriculum of Pilates exercises to just about anyone in 8 months time. The trainees go through intensive training in Pilates technique, learn skills for teaching, use modern tools that further develop the training, and are prepared to pass the PMA certification upon completion for the program. Read more at and apply here.   To learn more about the Los Angeles Program at Westwood Pilates, click here.


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Seminar One Photos

Trainees were immediately placed in the position of instructor.  One of the many ways this program distinguishes itself from others.  Get a summary of the program here. 

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Seminar Two Photos

Already a certified teacher, but feel like you did not get the comprhensive program you sought?  Join The Real Pilates Bridge Program and have the confidence of being a Real Pilates instructor.


Westwood Pilates

Westwood Pilates is a member of the growing Real Pilates community.  Other locations include Fort Lauderdale, Dallas, and Berlin.  Connect with the studio to learn more.

Within minutes of my assessment and first session with Kara Wily, I knew I had found the teacher-training program for me. Every session I learn so much about body and every observation hour is a master-class on how to teach effectively. I’m consistently inspired by her energy, raw athleticism, and devotion to classical pilates.
She truly really believes in me, even in those moments I don’t believe in myself. I came into the program with a number of certifications, working in the fitness industry for years, I’ve evolved more in the last 3 months with Kara than all those years combined. Thank you Kara for inspiring me and guiding me on this path. I would highly recommend any opportunity to work her, as long as you don’t take her away from me.
— Dane Sorensen--current Real Pilates Teacher Trainee