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Exercising While Female


Where glass ceilings meet open ranges.


Exercising While Female

Kara Wily

This is my first blog of my new site. My maiden voyage--fitting as references to "maiden" and a ship are female references, and I will unashamedly be telling my stories from a female voice.  I would like to make a bold move to write my blog with the intentions of Maria Popova of Brain Pickings.  She's a coveted voice by many people like Tim Ferris and David Plotz, so I do not attempt to compare myself to her, but I'd like to emulate her style in that I will not be blogging for google rankings, but will be writing the things I care about and want to speak about with others.

That said, I am interested in how exercise, health, food, economics, psychology, politics, science and medicine play a roll in my health.  I hope to take discussions from the level of my personal observations of my often over-tired mommy-brain to a wider view on everything from information I glean from podcasts I ingest weekly, to research I find (and hope I am bold enough to begin to reach out to interview professionals, researchers, and even policy-makers) that comments on the issues I write about..

And as I mentioned in my opening remarks, I will be speaking from a clearly female perspective.  "Exercising while Female" is my working title.  I am borrowing the title from Adam Grant  and Sheryl Sandberg's article from the New York Times, "Speaking While Female" which discusses why women stay quiet or navigate very specifically in the workplace because of the responses they most commonly receive from their male (and even female) co-workers.  I know I even hold a little grudge against Mrs. Sandberg.  Reading "Lean In", I hoped she would have some advice for me, a professional, divorced mom of two, who wants nothing more than to figure out how to assert myself in the world so that I can be successful in both supporting and being a strong example to my kids.  But with examples like calming down her child on a private jet, she really lost me in how I could learn from her example.  And yet, I think her message is right and I want to prop her up and not be another female disparaging voice.  I think she shows her brilliance as a thinker in phrases like "Speaking While Female"  that echoes crimes like "Driving While Intoxicated".  Like clearly you have to be in an affected state of mind to do one while being the other. 

Of course women do not face scrutiny for exercising, they just face it in all the aspects that surround their choices about it. There is a lot of judgement in our field and in general for women who want to stay in shape or be healthy or fit. They still face critiques about their body shapes, they have to make economic decisions about everything from their fitness regimens to their grocery shopping and food preparation for their families, how they encourage or discourage each other in these pursuits and the impact that our environment, our cities and our culture have on each of these aspects of living a healthy lifestyle.  What I won't have is a lot of answers, but I hope to dig deep into some of the questions that I feel are super important and worth contemplating.  I hope that I will be able to write blogs with which you can relate personally, or unpack ideas that you have long held and are ready to give up, or maybe just give you more information about a subject that allows you to update and recreate your own story about how health and exercise fits into your life.

Welcome to Exercising While Female.  Where glass ceilings are open ranges.

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